The swimming hole at Pantrepant


Pantrepant is a working cattle farm with 400 head of Red Pole, Indian Brahman and dairy cows who graze on 700 acres of flatland pasture. The farm also raises sheep, chicken and geese, produces honey, has an organic vegetable garden, a wide variety of fruit trees and a 40-acre coconut grove. We make our own ice cream and butter. Guests can arrange for a tour of the farm with the property manager and participate in many activities, including milking the dairy cows at sunrise, feeding the chickens and geese, helping to make butter and harvesting produce from the garden.

Ride for days through patches of jungle
and gallop over wide open fields

Horseback Riding

Riders of all levels can travel through Cockpit Country Mountains. An experienced guide leads early morning horseback tours through fields and forest, across streams and into rolling mountains.


Pantrepant is a hiker’s paradise. There are dozens of trails into the countryside, along wooded roads and the Martha Brae River, or into the forest, where you can explore a Taino cave from original settlers of Jamaica.


Jamaica is full of freshwater rivers radiating out from its lush and mountainous interior. At Pantrepant, you can cool off in a natural swimming hole formed by the Martha Brae’s gentle flow, enjoy tubing or kayaking.

Spa Treatments

Spa services, with botanicals harvested from the Pantrepant garden, are available on request. Massages, body scrubs, hot stone massage and reflexology can be booked a day in advance.


Private classes at sunrise, sunset or any other time of the day can be booked a day in advance.

For kids

Children of all ages are welcome at Pantrepant. There are gardens, woods, ruins and fields for them to explore. They can swim, hike, play games, plant seeds in the garden or milk a cow. We also offer a private crafts class with local artist Lynda Lee, who will accompany young visitors on a nature walk to collect materials to create a project to bring home.

Off Property

You may never want to leave Pantrepant, but we encourage you to explore the Jamaican countryside.